About Us

Valixya is a family crafted business, talent that has been pasted down from generations. Creative minds keep us busy with new projects that we want to share with the world. Everything we make is one of a kind!

What sets Valixya apart from all the rest is our knowledge and dedication of learning metaphysical practices in depth. A spiritual path that guides us in the understanding of herbs, crystals and symbols, the influence of the elements and the power of positivity. 

"An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"


In loving memory

Like many, we too have suffered some great losses in life, some deeper than others. Our Mémé, was someone very dear to our hearts. She taught us what it meant to be creative, as the time passes,  we find comfort and happiness when working together on projects. Mémé always believed that beautiful things should be shared and sold to those who are unable to create.


Valixya's Logo

Valixya was a vision seen in a dream and used for creativity and uniqueness.  The female figure represents the goddess; someone that helps you find peace, love and purpose.  She represents the essence of a loving grandmother someone that could do no harm and brought a tremendous amount of joy to others.  She was a kind hearted soul that cared deeply for her family.  

The antlers represent the male; the balance, the teacher and the power.  This is the essence of a father who teaches the essentials of life.  Be constructive, knowledgeable and guides us to overcome obstacles.  

The tree roots run deep; it is what grounds families and helps them grow together. It signifies generations of talent taught from a grandmother and the family before her. Together we will continue this tradition and keep lost loved ones in our hearts.   

Experience and pride in every piece.