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Let The Universe Help You Find What You Are Looking For. Holistic one of a kind finds, such as our Positive Intentions Bottles!

Valixya Positive Intentions Bottles

Valixya's DIY Positive Intentions Bottles

Valixya's Logo Metaphysical

Valixya was a vision seen in a dream and used for creativity and uniqueness. The female figure represents the goddess; someone that helps you find peace, love and purpose. She represents the essence of a loving grandmother someone that could do no harm and brought a tremendous amount of joy to others.  She was a kind hearted soul that cared deeply for her family.  

The antlers represent the male; the balance, the teacher and the power. This is the essence of a father who teaches the essentials of life. Be constructive, knowledgeable and guides us to overcome obstacles.  

The tree roots run deep; it is what grounds families and helps them grow together. It signifies generations of talent taught from a grandmother and the family before her. Together we will continue this tradition and keep lost loved ones in our hearts.   

Experience and pride in every piece.