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Chamomile is a charming, ground-hugging herb that releases a beautiful, apple-like scent when crushed. Commonly found in herbal teas and infusions, chamomile can aid relaxation and sleep. It was also traditionally used as a natural remedy for fevers, headaches, and indigestion. Chamomile was described in ancient medical writings and was an important medicinal herb in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Today, chamomile is promoted for sleeplessness, anxiety, and gastrointestinal conditions such as upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea.

Here are some possible research-backed benefits of chamomile:

  • Fighting stress and promoting relaxation
  • Aiding sleeplessness
  • Helping with anxiety
  • Treating gastrointestinal conditions such as upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea

It's properties are ;

Health - Meditation - Calming- Luck - Purification - Prosperity - Love - Cleansing - Vitality - Energy- Dream work- Aids Sleep Support - Success- Intuition

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