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Protection Anointment oil

Protection Anointment oil

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Anointing oils are oils that have been consecrated or blessed for ritualistic or spiritual purposes. They are often used in various traditions and practices to symbolize an act of consecration, blessing or empowerment.

The composition of anointing oils varies widely and can include a blend of essential oils, herbs, and sometimes other symbolic elements. The choice of oils and their application often depends on the specific tradition, ritual, or personal beliefs of the practitioner.


The protection anointing ritual oil is crafted with intention to provide a shield of spiritual protection and promote a sense of safety and security. With its grounding and purifying properties, it serves as a tool for warding off negativity and creating a barrier against harmful energies. Anoint your magical tools or wear as a perfume.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, cinnamon, lavender, sandalwood essential oils 

Warning: Keep away from children. Not for consumption. Not for pregnant women. Store in a cool dark place

Expired Date: 2026

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