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Elephant Skin Jasper

Elephant Skin Jasper

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Elephant Skin Jasper is known for its gentle, stabilizing energy and its ability to promote emotional balance. It is believed to help overcome loneliness and learning to love oneself. It brings fun back to nature and the older slower way of life. It is good for traveling (amulet), especially driving. It attracts wealth for business travel and negotiation. It protects the house from deterioration. Bury behind a new wall or radiator to bring happiness and prosperity.

Here are some of the other benefits that elephant skin jasper can offer:

1. Enhances creativity and problem-solving ability – If you’re feeling stuck in a rut creatively, working with elephant skin jasper can help you break out of it. This stone can also be helpful when you need to find new solutions to problems.
2. Aids in digestion and elimination.
3. Reduces stress and anxiety.
4. Eases joint pain.
5. Supports detoxification.
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