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Imbolc is a Sabbat that marks the midway point between Yule "Winter Solstice" and Ostara "Spring Equinox". This is when we celebrate the return of light, a time where we plant seeds not only for mother earth, but also for our soul. It’s where we spring new ideas and germinate our mind. This Sabbat is also known to celebrate the Celtic pantheon Brigid The Goddess of early spring, fertility and motherhood. She is to be called when one needs inspiration, invention and creativity.  

Box contains:

- Brigid cross 

- 2 ritual candles 

- Candle holder  

- Positive intention bottle of happiness  

- Angelica herb  

- Essential oil  

- Sage stick  

- Garnet crystals with explanation card  

- Matches

- Secret oracle card  

- Explanation card

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