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Prehnite mala

Prehnite mala

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Mala necklaces are strands of beads , usually made from gemstones, wood or seeds traditionally used in meditation practices. They typically consist of 108 beads. Which hold spiritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. The beats are used to count breaths or mantra repetitions during meditation. Typically the 109th bead, called the guru bead, signifies the end or beginning of a meditation session. Mala necklaces can also serve as a reminder of intentions or affirmations. Choosing a Mala often involves selecting materials with properties that align with one’s intentions or spiritual goals. 

This in particular is a Tibetan Mala 

Its made of prehnite and white jade beads with a clear quartz pendant.

Prehnite: Associated with matters of the heart and spiritual growth 

White jade: Associated with purity and harmony, protection and clarity of the mind 

Clear quartz : Clarity and an amplifier. Great for protection. 

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