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ProtectionPlacing red Anemone in the garden to protect the garden and the home. Place a protection bottle to create a barrier against negative energy and fills you with good radiant energy. The herbs promote blessings and keep out negative spirits. The large and extra-large bottles may contain Tigers Eye and/or jasper and garnet stone/crystals to help with their energy.

How do they work ?  Once placed in a window the energy from the sun will activate the embodiment to manifest the power of your positive intention. The power of the full moon will then cleans it of all its negative energy that it has collected over the course of the month. Positive intentions are not only beautiful unique pieces but they also hold a very special personal power .

Bottle Sizing

XS - 1.5 Inches

S - 3 Inches

M - 3.5 Inches

L - 4.5 Inches

XL - 7 Inches

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