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Root Chakra – I am is the first Chakra and its colour is red.

Do I feel safe and at ease in my body? Do I have stamina and strength to fill my life purpose?

Do I feel safe in my home and environment?

Do I live in fear or in peace, are my survival needs taken care of?

Am I rooted in my body and this plane of existence?

Do I trust the process and the journey of life, do I trust my sole unfolding?

Do I feel centered

Do I feel supported in material and non material way?

Do I feel worthy of living, do I feel belonging to my community?

How do they work ?  Once placed in a window the energy from the sun will activate the embodiment to manifest the power of your positive intention. The power of the full moon will then cleans it of all its negative energy that it has collected over the course of the month. Positive intentions are not only beautiful unique pieces but they also hold a very special personal power .

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