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Third eye Chakra – I see is the 6th Chakra, colour is purple or dark blue

Am I in touch with my intuition, do I trust and act on my inner knowing?

Do I have faith and belief in my highest self?


Do I know my true nature?

Can I recognize patterns in myself in others and my environment? Do I take time to reflect?

Am I transcending my limitations, do I know my true nature?

Do I allow myself to visualize and create through imagination?

Can I recall my dreams, can I interpret messages from my dreams? Can I see into the future?

Can I see my life’s experiences with an inner knowing? Am I decisive?

Can I receive guidance from higher beings or realms?

How do they work ?  Once placed in a window the energy from the sun will activate the embodiment to manifest the power of your positive intention. The power of the full moon will then cleans it of all its negative energy that it has collected over the course of the month. Positive intentions are not only beautiful unique pieces but they also hold a very special personal power .

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