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Unakite Tumbled stone

Unakite Tumbled stone

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Unakite is a stone that can offer many benefits to the person who wears or works with it. It is a stone of balance, offering restoration and hope where there was once none. Unakite can provide much-needed support and guidance for those struggling with emotional trauma.

One of the essential benefits of Unakite is its ability to help release emotional trauma that has been stored in the body. Emotional trauma can manifest as physical pain or illness in the body. Unakite helps to access these memories and release them. This allows for healing on all levels- mental, physical, and emotional.

Unakite offers a deep connection to the Earth, often used as a meditation stone and energy healing. In ancient lore, it is said that Unakite can open one up to messages from the higher world. Unakite is also suitable for those with trouble with forgiveness and moving past pain from the past.
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