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zodiac wish bags

zodiac wish bags

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A simple yet effective way to cast crystals for yourself to answer simple your or no questions


The coloured crystal represents your zodiac stone corresponding to your birthday. This crystal represents you. The light stone is a Quartz crystal. A stone of healing. This crystal represents yes. The dark crystal is a black tourmaline. A stone to protect against negativity. This crystal represents no. 


To use your crystals hold them in your hand. As you ask your question (wish) shake your crystals. When you are ready drop them like dice. if you zodiac stone lands closer to the light crystal the answer is yes . It it lands closer to the dark crystal the answer is no. If your zodiac stone lands an equal distance between the two. The answer is undecided. I recommend that you don't let others use your crystals. This way they only come into contact with your energy!


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